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Gods must be crazy

One of the most interesting things to observe is when individuals of various cultures come across each other initially. Haphazard and often dangerous in real life, this scenario becomes hilarous and unreasonable in this video. Filmed in Africa and starring indigenous bushmen, this kind of movie explains to the story of 1 bushman who encounters a Coke a glass bottle initially in his lifestyle. This is his very first face with modern society, and this proceeds to vary the interpersonal dynamics of his entire village. So like the liable village leader he is, this individual sets out to toss the object of the edge of the world. Instead, he encounters their particular en masse: guns, prisons, vehicles, cotton garments, private house, judges and other objects, persona and corporations that is alien to him. Simultaneously, a second plot strings thru film production company that reveals the intricacies of the modern world. Both the plots intersect at tips and develop the personas of all engaged.

The movie goes quite well, and is very impressive because everyone speaks in their local tongue. Hearing the Bushmen is quite entertaining in and of itself. Overall, a great video that is suitable for the whole family.


This is an interesting commentary about contemporary social organization. The film is founded on Mayan traditions and displays a when advanced contemporary society in the throes of disorganization and land. One can quickly see analogies to Both roman civilization, nevertheless more importantly one could see parallels to the current globe situation, particularly the West. The evolved from strict religious ideals to a progressive society where anything should go. There are still a lot of that cherish these beliefs, but the multimedia and those who have control contemporary society seem to be with this similar highway to break down suggested by the film.

The primitives inside the forest are examples of our hunting and gathering root base. These are basic yet solid survivors that seem to be living a content material...