Ukrainian Wedding ceremony Essay

Ukrainian Wedding

The traditional Ukrainian weddings vary in information, but every one of them follow the same pattern in the order of wedding activities. The very first actions of the Ukrainian wedding can be described as formal proposal. The groom invites two married guys (they call them starosty) to visit your home of the bride-to-be and to ask for her parents for her hand in marriage. The marriage ceremony begins at least one week after engagement. Generally on Thursday night or Friday they cook special marriage ritual bread – korovai. Before the wedding both bridegroom and star of the wedding have independent parties with the close friends. On the girl party (divych vechir) they make a ritual shrub (giltse). As well as korovai it stays for the wedding stand as a sign of children and magnificence of the groom and bride. Saturday and Sunday are definitely the days of the church support or the key civil marriage ceremony. Before the chapel ceremony, the bride, the groom and their families meet at the house of the bride's parents to get the true blessing, the blahoslovenya. At the blessing, the parents share their endorsement and good wishes to get the few. The most touching and crucial moment to the couple, their particular parents, good friends and family members is the cathedral ceremony. The priest blesses the new family for joy, health, good fortune, faithfulness, understanding, love and respect for each other. The lord's blessing is the most important blessing pertaining to the new relatives. After the ceremony the groom takes the bride to her parents house and returns to his own home. The two families possess meal using their friends and relatives. After meal it is time for the groom for taking a wedding teach (poizd) and bring his bride to his house. The most satisfied, surprising and unexpected things may happen tonite. There are many entertaining wedding party traditions involving everybody. Little children adore weddings with their older sibling or friends, because this may be the time for those to steal a bride's footwear and then demand any ransom for it. The...