Essay about Culture Defined Culture

Culture Described Culture can be described as complex term that consists of so many things. On the base of culture you are likely to find people that live in interpersonal groups and promote a way of living which sets apart them from other human groups. A lifestyle may include rituals, religion, financial systems, dialect, a style of dress, a way of cooking, and a political system. Individuals that share a culture commonly follow the same rules and form a social society. Culture is not passed down, but has to be learned and shared. A culture could also change and adapt to the needs of any society. Culture can help humans survive in this ever-changing globe. Many members of a traditions develop a a sense of superiority over other nationalities and can turn into ethnocentric. Several societies, just like the United States, happen to be multicultural and consist of a large number of diverse civilizations. People may also develop self-identity within a lifestyle and may have culture impact if they are confronted with a new and confusing lifestyle different from their particular. There are also several levels of lifestyle. On the materials level a culture posseses an economy providing you with a way to develop and exchange material merchandise in order to make it through. A material culture delivers humans ways to feed, shelter, and garment themselves. On the social level a culture gives individuals a way to coordinate themselves. Interpersonal culture consists of kinship and family. In addition, it gives societies a work life and political structure. The very last level of lifestyle involves the ideological. It gives a group of people a distinctive way of thinking regarding beliefs, ideals, and beliefs. All of these different factors of traditions give humans an understanding showing how the world performs and how that they live and act in their own environment.