The Relationship Between Television and Childhood Overweight Essay

The Relationship among Television and Childhood Unhealthy weight

Alice Barrow

English 112-0903B-14

Phase 3 IP

The state of colorado Technical College or university

September twenty-one, 2009

Dr . Roger Ochse


We have a link among childhood obesity and watching television. Allowing kids to watch a lot of television, consuming the wrong types of meals and not getting physically active is definitely contributing to the problems that happen to be associated with the child years obesity. Years as a child obesity can cause elevated bad cholesterol levels, heart disease, heart disease and diabetes. Children seem to spend more time watching television, playing video games and the computer than anything else. Children between the age ranges of eight and 18 spend more than 40 several hours per week watching tv, on the computer or perhaps playing video gaming. Experts suggest that parents need to limit the quantity of time that their children spend watching television and encourage even more physical activities.

The Relationship among Television and Childhood Unhealthy weight

The greatest health risk facing today's children can be not a disease or abuse. It is overweight. Obesity among children are at an outbreak level and desires to be of interest to anyone who has children. Child years obesity features dramatically elevated in the past years. (Wilmore, 1994). Obesity is defined as an amount of extra fat. (Lohman, 1987). Children tend to be obese more today than in the past. There have been studies that suggest childhood unhealthy weight is from the watching of television, playing video games, becoming on the computer and the types of food that they can consume while watching television. We plan to prove that these obtaining are true and that I agree with them. Television is the medium with which children your time most period. Children today spend about 40 or more hours each week in non physical activities. Much more than 25 percent view 4 or maybe more hours of television each day, about sixty-five percent view two or more hours per day. Fifty...

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