Talk On Brain Drain Essay

 Good evening everyone, I honestly hope you are generally comfortably sitting because I will discuss something that is very strong. BRAIN DRAIN! For those who know very well what brain drain is, CONGRATS! ^^, nevertheless for those who can't say for sure, brain drain is actually a condition where intelligent, I mean knowledgeable people and professionals keep a place or maybe a job and move to a BETTER place wherever they can progress pays and BETTER home for that pet. So , fundamentally brain drain is about leaving something intended for something better. In the 21st century, the brain drain matter has become therefore hot that it must be being mentioned frequently. Everyone from all walks of life talk about this matter. To me, I believe brain drain is a severe issue that is being encountered by Malaysia. This issue may affect Malaysia's ambition in becoming a fully developed land by the season 2020. With that being said, I would like to tell you regarding the causes of head drain in Malaysia. During this presentation, I will begin by suggesting about the less eye-catching salary and benefits are available in Malaysia. There after, I will let you know about the limited access to high quality education not only that, the hazardous and negative environmental conditions. So , allow me to begin with how a less desirable salary and benefits can be one of the reasons for brain drain in Malaysia.

A few look at the high-skill technology sector. For example , the starting income for fresh graduates in computer scientific research in the United States is usually 50, 1000 US Dollars, but in Malaysia it is only regarding 10, 000 US Us dollars. Do you know, actually after modifying for cost of living, the beginning salary in Malaysia is usually not as appealing as produced. This is worsened by extravagance taxes in Malaysia, for example , a brand new Toyota Corolla costs as low as 18, 000 US Dollars in the United States but costs more than dual in Malaysia. Other than that, you will find lacks of career choices and unavailability of...