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Multi-Purpose Photo voltaic Chargers

Items Name: | В Multi-Purpose Photo voltaic Chargers

Item No: | В BernieC20050406446

Bring up to date time: | В 20090814

Selling price and Payment, Mini Order| US $, T/T, Flexible

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Multi-functional Solar Rechargers Description

Item Name: Multi-functioned Solar Chargers for mobile phone

Item Description:

Solar panel: zero. 7w

Output ac electricity: 5. 5v

End result current: 200mA

Integrated rechargeable Lithium battery.

Charging time: 3-5hrs

Can charge all handsets, just like: Nokia, The samsung company, Ericsson, Spostamento, etc . could also charge every mini digital product, including MP3, MP4, PDA, camera, mini dvd, etc .

Unit size: 86x58x13cm

Packing: forty five pcs/CTN, CTN Size: 50x40x35cm, G. Watts.: 12. 0kgs.

Min Order: 1000pcs

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