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Lifestyle and Contemporary society


The culture of Timbuktu was structured as a result of specific tasks each member was handed. Women and girls were responsible for the home and cooking. That they could not have the privilege of education, for it was strictly for guys. Girls could marry in 13 and were raised in preparation of being a better half and mom.  �  Timbuktu became a common meeting place for dealers and travellers due to the location of the away of range floods from the Niger Lake. Islam propagate through Africa by travelers and traders. Timbuktu became subjected to Islam and that influenced the individuals. Mansa Musa visited the city and built a mosque and university in the own reverance, which remained an indication for the religion this individual brought to the society in 1324. � � A significant part of Timbuktu's culture revolved around education and elegance. This started out when African scholars started to be interested in the prosperity with the city and migrated right now there. By the start of the 12th century, it was a center for Islamic Learning that was known throughout the place. It had built 3 universities and many quaranic schools, which in turn attracted more scholars.   �  During the fourteenth century, Timbuktu was a rich social center. The start of this can be followed back to 1324, when the full of Mali, Mansa Musa, made his pilgrimage to Mecca via Cairo. In Cairo, merchants and traders had been impressed by the quantity of gold carried by emperor. In 1354 Ibn Batuta wrote of his visit to Timbuktu and told with the wealth and gold from your region.  | �   The first buildings in Timbuktu were designed by African can be from Djenne. These were generally simple complexes made of off-road bricks. Nevertheless , once Islam began to propagate into the metropolis, buildings started to have a more Islamic impact to their structure. This is displayed in structures such as the Superb Mosque, wherever horn like structures happen to be protruding from your buildings as decoration. One more change in structures was made once Timbuktu was captured by simply Mansa Nspiracion....