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2 . you D01

A well designed rivet joint will certainly subject the rivets to

Acompressive tons. Btension a lot.

Cshear a lot.

2-1. Response C. JSAT 2-51 (AC65-15A)

Rivets keep pieces of aircraft skin together, and in a prop- erly designed riveted joint, the rivets support shear tons only.

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A main big difference between Lockbolt/ Huckbolt anxiety and shear fasteners (other than all their application) is in the

Amethod of installation.

Bnumber of securing collar grooves. Cshape of the head.

installment payments on your 3 D01

Alloy 2117 rivets happen to be heat remedied

A to a temperature of 910 to 930 蚌and quenched in cold drinking water. B by manufacturer and don't require high temperature treatment ahead of being motivated. C by the manufacturer nevertheless require reheat treatment ahead of being motivated.

2 . 5 D01

The overall rule for locating the proper rivet diameter is definitely

Athree moments the fullness of the thicker sheet. Btwo times the rivet length. Cthree moments the density of the materials to be joined up with.

2 . five D01

The shop brain of a rivet should be

A single and one-half times the diameter in the rivet shank.

B one and one-half times the diameter of the manufac- tured head from the rivet. C one-half times the diameter of the rivet shank.

2 . 6 D01

One of the main features of Hi-Lok type fasteners more than earlier years is that

A the squashed on collar installation offers a more secure, tight fit. B they can be taken off and reused again.

Cthey can be mounted with ordinary hand equipment.

2-2. Response B. JSAT 2-45

Huckbolts and Lockbolts are manufactured to the same Federal government Standard. In each case, the tension-type has four to 5 locking grooves and the shear-type has 2 .

two to three. Answer M. JSAT 2-38 (AC65-9A)

The 2117-T rivet, known as the field rivet, can be used more than some other for captivating aluminum metal structures. The field rivet is in extensive demand because it is ready for work with as received, and needs no more heat dealing with or annealing.

2-4. Answer A. JSAT 2-52 (AC65-15A)

As a general rule, the rivet size should be no less than three times the thickness in the thickest sheet being riveted.

2-5. Response A. JSAT 2-53

A properly formed store head is definitely one-half the shank diame- ter high, its size is one-and-one-half times regarding the shank, and it is concentric with the pit.

2-6. Solution C. JSAT 2-45

The hand tools used for installing of Hi-Loks could be an open end wrench and hex important (alien wrench). 2-2Building Specialist Experience

installment payments on your 7 D01

The markings on the mind of a Dzus fastener recognize the

A manufacturer and type of material.

B figure, head size, and form of material.

Cbody diameter, kind of head, and length of the fastener.

2 . 8 D01

The Dzus turnlock fastener includes a stud, grommet, and receptacle. The stud length is measured in

Asixteenths of the inch. Btenths of an inches.

Chundredths of your inch.

installment payments on your 9 D01

The Dzus turnlock fastener consists of a guy, grommet, and receptacle. The stud diameter is measured in

Asixteenths of an inches. Bhundredths of your inch. Ctenths of an inches.

2 . twelve D01

Threaded rivets (Rivnuts) are commonly utilized to

A sign up for two or more items of sheet steel where shear strength is definitely desired. N join several pieces of piece metal in which bearing durability is preferred. C add parts or components with screws to sheet material.

2 . 11 D01

Cherrymax and Olympic-Lok rivets

Amay be set up with normal hand equipment. Butilize a pulling instrument for set up. Cutilize a rivet gun, special rivet set, and bucking pub for installation.

2 . doze D01

Hole filling fasteners (for example, MS20470 rivets) should not be employed in composite structures primarily as a result of

Apossibility of causing delamination.

B trouble forming a suitable shop brain.

C elevated possibility of worrying corrosion inside the fas- lograr.

2 . 13 D01

Metallic fasteners used with carbon/graphite amalgamated structures

A must be created...