With the advancement of technology actually some control has been built on normal calamities. Through all these procedures though loss of life rate features decreased yet birth level has not appreciably decreased. Thus, it will be found that it is the high labor and birth rate in comparison with low fatality rate, which is the main reason behind population exploding market in India. In under-developed and expanding countries the cost of living is definitely increasing day by day. For an average person it may be extremely challenging to meet both equally ends and one continues to be always active in earning his loaf of bread and butter. Neither features he had free money nor time to become a member of clubs or other recreational facilities. This individual remains even more attached to his family. Pertaining to his recreation he indulges in intercourse (for which will no money is required) resulting into repeated conceptions and ultimately become helpless once his relatives grows to a large relatives. This leads to low income and unemployment which benefits into immoral acts and encourage thefts, day robberies and even murders. When a young man or female will remain out of work and bare pocket she or he will take pleasure in such wrong acts. This kind of state of affair is observed in a huge section of teenagers. Causes of Excessive Birth Charge:

1 . Early attainment of puberty in girls generally upto 14 years of age. 2 . Early marital life even when justin was 15 or below.

a few. Poverty and low lifestyle.

4. Illiteracy.

5. Insufficient recreational services due to poverty.

6. Lack of awareness regarding strategies of family planning.

7. As a result of tradition, superstition and hope that the youngsters are the gift idea of Our god and are not really the result of mans deeds. This kind of ideology and fate amongst depressed course in neighborhoods is responsible for a huge family in poor male's house. Populace explosion is the most serious problem facing our country today. With 16 percent of the planet's population, India is toady the second largest populations' country in the world. Because on Drive 1 . 1991, when the last census...