Movie Character Presentation Dissertation

Movie Personality



Overview of Demonstration

This kind of presentation can focus on Andrew, the main

figure of the film, Philadelphia.

A functional wellness assessment will be done.

Two regular and two abnormal health patterns identified.

A nursing prognosis with concours and assets


History of Video and


Andrew is an up and coming attorney working for a

prestigious lawyer in Phila.. He is a gay guy

who is HIV+ and conceals his sex orientation and HIV

status from his employers. He is suddenly ended

for apparently losing a crucial document. Andrew

sues his employers pertaining to wrongful end of contract.

Functional Checks

Health Perception/Health Management

Andrew is aware he is unwell, attends doctor visits, is aware of the

medicine he is acquiring and concentrates on maintaining his



Andrew took care of him self but as a result of AIDS disease

process, nutrition and metabolic function is affected. He

progressively dropped weight and looked under nourished due to his condition.

Style of Eradication

Toby has a bout of diarrhea in the film and was advised

to get a colonoscopy. This individual also has Kaposi's Sarcoma, which can affect the stomach tract.

Analysis Continued

Routine of Activity/Exercise

Claire is combating AIDS and it is in a weakened state,

not able to exercise as the disease progresses

Cognitive/Perceptual Routine

For the end from the movie, he loses eye-sight in one

attention, he is able to communicate himself evidently and realistically

until he has inhaling issues. Toby is university


Routine of Rest and Others

Unidentified in the video if sleep is disrupted. He

appears extremely fatigued as the movie progresses.

Evaluation Continued

Routine of Self Perception and Self Strategy

Andrew appears normal at first yet suffers from Kaposi's

Sarcoma that leaves violet lesions on his face. He's not

at ease with his appearance.

Role/Relationship Habits

Toby has the position of an aspiring attorney, functions change and he ultimately ends up having to always be his individual advocate. This individual has a spouse

that he is very close with and a very supportive relatives.

Sexuality/Reproductive Patterns

Andrew is in a stable long term romance with his spouse. Unknown if perhaps he had cookware for children together with his current disease state.

Evaluation Complete

Style of Dealing and Tension Tolerance

Andrew has become faced with an extremely difficult situation

and seems to cope with that very well during the movie.

Coping mechanisms used do seem to help and he will not

seek treatment for any psychological distress only

physiological because of his illness.

Pattern of Values and Beliefs

Parents inspire him to fight for his rights, declaring that

they were doing not raise their children " sit at the back of the bus”. He appears to be close with all the gay community, no cultural or

ethnic groups recognized but his partner appeared to be

form Asian culture. Zero religious choice identified.

Evaluation of Overall health Assessment

Regular Assessment Conclusions

Claire has a wonderful support program and manages his

difficult situation well considering his condition. He could be

coping favorably and is extremely open about the fact that he

can be dying.

Unnatural or Risk-Based Findings

He contains a lot of overdue stage AIDS diseases that takes a toll

on his human body and is throwing away away gradually during the

movie. He concerns his trust and is concerned with his

spouse after he dies. He knows death is certain and

is in risk for emotional distress.

Additional Observations

Cultural: Not able to distinguish a unique culture in the movie.

Geographical: Movie is staged in Philadelphia

Religious: There is absolutely no indication of spiritual preference observed with the main character.

Ethnic: Toby is White

Psychic: Andrew truly does start to problem spirituality...

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