MGT 521 Leadership Composition

Leadership Idiota

Maliah Lewis

MGT 521

The fall of 4, 2012

D. H.

Leadership Memo

Mr. Smith,

I would like to thank you for a chance to lead the modern team in the department. I feel that it will be an excellent journey and also have developed a plan to effectively lead they. Included in this memo, are information about the individuals who will be a part of the team and insight offered on the command approach i will be acquiring. Because the associates of this staff have been while using company for quite some time and are experienced in their individual roles, presently there should not be much time focused on training or educating the lifestyle of the firm. Sandy Paul has wonderful organization abilities and is very trustworthy. I will give her the tasks of managing the finances, financial constraints for the department, which includes keeping inventory and ordering supplies while needed. Brian Brown is extremely conceptual. I feel that he will do well with any kind of research that may be necessary with him become heavily associated with quality control, should any problems or customer issues come about. Liam Walker has become noted to get very imaginative and people focused. He will become best suited for assisting Brian with any kind of necessary study that will be needed on the team. He also provides a high sense of optimism and motivation. I have no doubt that he will have the ability to help keep the team morale substantial, even during stressful tasks. Lastly, Courtney Gatier has a drive and natural aspire to lead. She is going to stand since my associate and operate the office during my absence. The girl with a futurist, and looks intended for ways to boost her office. She has a low tolerance to get incompetency and i also feel that she is confident enough to take on this kind of role.

Robbins and Coulter (2012) states there are seven attributes associated with command – travel, desire to lead, honesty and integrity, self-assurance, intelligence, job-relevant knowledge and extraversion. In order to effectively business lead, I agree and feel...