Mb0038 Smu Sem one particular Essay

Subject Code: MB0038

Subject Identity: Management Process and Organization Behavior Job: Set – 1

Queen. 1Write a note on the qualities of Managing.

Ans. Administration is a unique activity obtaining the following salient features or characteristics:

1 . Goal-Oriented: Management is actually a purposeful activity. It co-ordinates the efforts of staff to achieves the goal of the organization. The success of management is assessed by the degree to which the organizational goals are obtained. It is very important that the organizational goal should be well-define and properly understood by the managers at numerous levels.

2 . Economic Resources: Management is one of the elements of production together with land, labor and capital. It is the most critical suggestions in the achievement of any kind of organized group activity. It's the force which in turn assembles and integrates additional resources, namely, labor, capital and components. These factors do not without any assistance ensure creation; they require the catalyst of management to generate goods and services required by the society. Thus administration is an essential ingredient of an organization.

3. Unique Process: Managing is unique process comprising such functions as preparing, organizing, staffing requirements, directing and controlling. These types of functions are incredibly interwoven that it can be not possible to lay down exactly the sequences of numerous functions or perhaps their family member significance. Basically, the process of management involves decision-making and putting of decision into practice.

5. Integrative Pressure: The substance of administration is incorporation of individual and other solutions to achieve the desired objectives. These resources are manufactured available to people who manage. Managers apply understanding, experience and management principles for getting the result from the personnel by the use of non-human resources. Managers also strive to harmonize the individuals' desired goals with the organizational goals to get the smooth operating of the organization.

five. Intangible Pressure: Management have been called an unseen push. Its presence is evidenced by the consequence of its efforts-orderliness, informed personnel, buoyant spirit and sufficient work output. Thus, a sense of management is result-oriented. You can not observe with the bare eyes the functioning of management but its results are seemingly known. Persons often statement of the efficiency (or ineffectiveness) of managing in the foundation the end results, whilst they can't watch it during operation.

6. Benefits through Others: The managers cannot do everything themselves. They must have the necessary capability and abilities to receive work accomplished through the efforts of others. They must motivate the subordinates pertaining to the achievement of the duties assigned to them.

7. A Science and an Art: Administration has an prepared body of knowledge consisting of clear concepts, concepts and approaches which have wide applications. So it will be treated since science. The use of these principles, principles and techniques needs specialized expertise and expertise on the part of the manager. Considering that the skills obtained by a d?ner are his personal possession, managing is viewed as an art.

8. System of Specialist: Management as a team of managers represents something of specialist, a pecking order of control and control. Managers for different level possess differing degrees of expert. Generally, even as we move down in managerial hierarchy, the level of authority gets gradually reduced. Authority permits the managers to perform their very own functions effectively.

being unfaithful. Multi-disciplinary Subject: Management has exploded as a field of study (i. elizabeth. discipline) taking the help of a lot of other professions such as Engineering, Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology. Much of the administration literature may be the result of connection of these procedures. For instance, production orientation received its inspiration from industrial Engineering and human...