Essay upon Maniac Margaret Summary

Phase 41 (pg. 158-161)


1 ) Page 158 = Who Maniac bring to the get together? What do you think is motives are for doing this? A: Maniac brings Mars Bars to the get together. I think that the reason this individual brings Roter planet (umgangssprachlich) Bars, towards the party was going to show the persons at the McNabs party that black people are not suggest.

2 . Web page 159 = How did Maniac influence his visitor to have him? A: Maniac convinces Mars to the party by showing Mars how good was the west end.

several. Page 158-159 = Where does Fanatic and his visitor go before going to the McNabs' party? Why? A: Maniac and Roter planet (umgangssprachlich) Bars visit the Pickwells. The key reason why they go, is basically because Maniac wanted Mars to find out all what the west end offered. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 42 (pg. 162-166)


4. Page 163 = What " game” do the McNabs choose to play at the birthday party? How exactly does this associated with guests truly feel? A: The game they enjoy is rebels. Which is a game about blacks against white wines. This makes Roter planet (umgangssprachlich) feel unsociable and left out. 5. Web page 164 = Why does Mars Bar says " Sure, bomb shelter? ” What has he realized about the McNabs? A: Mars says that because he knows that the fort is to stop black persons. He sees that they hate the black people.. six. Page one hundred sixty five = Was Maniac's plan successful? So what do you think his plan at first was? Should he have invited who have he do? A: Maniacs plan was a total disaster. I think his original program was to make sure they are friends. This individual shouldn't have invited Roter planet (umgangssprachlich) Bars because he hates light people. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 43 (pg. 167-169)


six. Page 168 = Exactly what does Maniac perform to relieve stress? What time does he do it? A: He operates, in the morning.

8. Page 168 = Exactly what does " black and white simply began if the alarm clocks rang? ” mean?

A: This means that the...