Male Chauvinism Essay

Male Chauvinism

Let's start with very meaning of male chauvinism. It is the perception that guys are better than women. There are men whom believe this to be authentic and some women do to. Most of us are raised with all the thought that a woman's place is in the home and not at work. I alternatively have blended feelings on this subject. I really believe male chauvinism is like a double edge sword.

In a single aspect, I think a women's place is at home. She needs to be at home taking care of the kids, cleaning the home, and making sure dinner is carried out when I go back home from operate. I mean how can they end up being as physical strong or dominant since me? Your woman can't come to my job and lift a 100lb bag of shingles, but the lady can go in the kitchen and cause me to feel a sandwich. When it's the perfect time to go shopping gowns her task, mine is usually to bring it in from the car. When the home needs washed that's also her job, mines to take out the trash. This is how most of us are raised to think.

Now on the other hand I believe if your woman wants to take action, let her. If your woman wants to become the breads winner and she can do it, why not? In the event she has the physical capacities whose likely to stop her? If she gets that strong will and passion to work, I say go with it. Not every woman seems her just job will be a stay at home mom. Could be going to function is what makes her happy, that is certainly fine by me. I need my woman to be happy, although not everyone thinks that way.

In contemporary society male chauvinism is required on all of us. For example , if my car broke down in whose job could it be to fix it? If I possess her correct it my friends, friends and family or my personal neighbors will gossip about how she is the person of the relationship. Behind my personal back they're going to call me a sissy and laugh in me. Imagine if though your woman knew how to fix it and I didn't? World teaches all of us that it's a man's work to fix the vehicle while it's her job to bring me a cold dark beer and a sandwich.

Occasionally though people mistaken man chauvinism to get chivalry. My spouse and i carry inside the groceries since I want...