Macro Utiliized Within Ms Essay

п»їSahar Snell

THAT 206

Week 2 Job Day six

May 18, 2014

Ms Word is a program found in school or perhaps business to develop, edit, print out, and you can as well publish files to the internet or web. Things you need is Ms Word nonetheless it comes in the MS Workplace package together with other software just like PowerPoint, Surpass, etc . It is not going to trigger you any additional problems. You can expect to most likely need these other applications in college or university as well. You are mostly thinking about Microsoft Expression so let me explain some of the features of Microsoft Word. You will be able to:

1 . Cutting, Coping and Pasting

2 . Formatting text which is used to adding colors, design also font size and type several. Adding images or thing and pictures through your computer or perhaps the web four. Find, search and substitute a single word or sentences within the file with ease five. Bullets and Borders by with Expression or on-line is available and is used to decorate the file and any important items you want to make 6. Transliteration and Grammar comes at great ease with this software program 7. Document Protection is available and you can need a password or have signature necessary 8. Could also be used to produce letters and mailing envelopes

This is among tons of various other features that are available to you. In the event that this chat takes place above the phone I would personally use my personal customer service experience (friendly, courteous) to greet customer and start the discussion. I would provide my brand and pleasantly ask for the customer name so I can address these people by identity for the rest of the call. It makes it feels comfortable. I would then say thanks to them person for phoning tech support and asking how can I help them? One challenge would be the customer is without idea what I am referring to or no understanding of Microsoft Term at all. In this instance I would allow the customer understand they can ca for a technical or myself to walk them through a training session. I'm also able to email a video link to the consumer to watch to enable them to get...