Susan Cruz: a Dsm Iv Examination Essay

Leslie Smith: A DSM 4 Analysis

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The fall of 15, 2010

Susan Smith: A DSM IV Research

On March 25, 1994, late later in the day. Susan Smith decided to take her two sons, Eileen and Alex for a travel; little performed they know it would be their particular last. Leslie Smith forced her two sleeping children to a bring off of a lake, jumped out of the car, released the brake, and stood by as the auto drifted off and descended into the drinking water. There is no doubt that the unspeakable work was not only a random, remote moment of insanity of the young mother, but was the most extreme disregarding point in a life that was diseased early on by instability and abuse. To a healthy individual, there is no fair explanation pertaining to to make such an take action, but in Leslie Smith's head, the several weeks, and even years leading up to this kind of horrible night time are relevant. In this essay, the DSM IV will be used to construct an over-all psychological analysis of Susan Smith and what theoretical perspective offers the best justification for her behavior(Montaldo, 2010).

Leslie Smith's existence was affected with tragedies and mistreatment. When the lady was seven years of age, hear father and mother divorced, in that case just five weeks later, her dad committed committing suicide. This devastated Susan towards the point that she started to be very distant(Montaldo, 2010). It wasn't a long time before Susan's mother remarried to a successful businessman. On the surface area, the relatives appeared to be regular, but beneath the all-Amaerican family facade, incest was the family members deepest magic formula. For many years, Leslie Smith's step father continued an incorrect sexual marriage with her. When Susan tried to survey the maltreatment to her mom and to sociable services, small was carried out other than the step father moving out for the short whilst. Susan's mother and the remaining portion of the family was more concerned with the reputation getting publicly inhibited rather than the safety and metallic health of Susan. Susan's stepfather ultimately moved last only to carry on and...

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