KM M Individual Project Sem you 2015 Dissertation

п»їKnowledge Management & Measurement

Semester 1, 2015

Person Assignment

This assignment will require one to undertake your own exploration in order to efficiently complete this. Information given in class and the studying pack will be useful, but is not sufficient.


Read and analyse the MindTree circumstance.

Solution the following questions.

one particular

1 . In your own phrases, summarise the idea relating to communities of practice with a particular emphasis on cooperation and knowledge creation. (500 words maximum).

2 . What are the main element elements of MindTree's knowledge management system? How do the elements website link together? Just how effective is definitely the system? (750 words maximum)

a few. What tasks do residential areas of practice play in MindTree? Light beer effective? How do they always be improved? (750 words maximum)

four. How (if at all) does the 5*50 initiative customize roles and responsibilities of the knowledge management function in general and communities of practice especially? (750 phrases maximum)

5. Briefly identify your learnings from this job (250 terms maximum)

Communication abilities

There is also a Communication Abilities Guide available from the PG Hub. It is often designed for you to use as a guidebook for producing essays, administration reports, and presenting papers to your training group. It also contains parts on referencing and recommendation of options, as well as some grammatical and vocabulary facets of the English language language that can be used to improve the skills of expression. Just about every student is expected to have a copy on this Guide and also to use it as being a reference for a lot of courses.

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Make sure you the name(s) in a footer on each of your page of the assignment. If you wish an acknowledgement of invoice, use the vehicle feature in Outlook or perhaps your email software. This task may be required for pairs