A Municipal Action Irac Style Formatting Essay

A Civil Action


This video, A Case, is about a lawsuit that began with the death of twelve persons, and 8 of those 14 people were kids. This all takes place in the little city of Woburn Water wells, Massachusetts. This is a small city that has two companies that are located actually close to the metropolitan areas river. One company is called W. R. Grace Firm and the different is Beatrice Foods. Jan Schlitnmann is an essential attorney for the litigant's side together with his partners; Conway, Gordon, and Crowley. The attorney for W. R. Grace was William Cheeseman, and the legal professional for Beatrice foods was Jerome Fatcher. Anne Anderson initially told one of Jan's partners her story and set many telephone calls into their workplace. However , the girl never a reply from them! Therefore Anne put a call into January Schlitchmann although he was on the radio display. Jan and his partners reviewed the case and Jan consented to go and meet with Anne and the family member's with the children who died via Leukemia. So he visited the city of Woburn Bore holes. Jan observed the companies Watts. R. Sophistication and Beatrice Foods and thought it would be a goldmine for the law business office to take on the case. Anderson told Jan that she and the other families were not trying to find money in this lawsuit. The families simply wanted an apology from your companies and then for someone to tidy up the area and ensure it would not ever happen once again.

The water that the area had been drinking was the trouble. The water had somehow recently been contaminated with trichloroethylene and silicon (used to water-proof leather).

Jan was going to show in court docket that Watts. R. Style and Beatrice Foods knowingly contaminated the river that was positioned in Woburn Bore holes and by damaging the riv it caused twelve visitors to die from leukemia.


Did the drinking water that was infected with Trichloroethylene and si, by Watts. R. Sophistication Company and Beatrice Food, cause the leukemia fatalities and other health conditions in Woburn, Massachusetts?