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Halal Certification: a worldwide marketing problems and difficulties by Shahidan Shafie1 Prof. Dr . Md Nor Othman2 Faculty of Business & Accountancy Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Abstract Promoting of products and services inside the Muslim countries presents a very challenging activity to international companies (MNC) due to the difference in political, economy and socio-cultural elements. At the same time, MNC could not " avoid” focusing on Muslim countries as their method to obtain expansion as these countries represent almost 20% of the planet's population. Furthermore, this figure is expected to increase to 30% simply by 2025. One of the most important ideas in Islam is the concept of halal, meaning " permissible. ” Halal covers the aspects of slaughtering, storage, display, preparation, health and sanitation. It covers food and also non-food group of products. Presented the speed of trade the positive effect, the advancement in scientific research and technology, and the recurring initiatives to simplify manufacturing processes, it is essential that the halal concept end up being fully understood by marketers. This conventional paper discusses the marketing issues in dealing with the halal concern. It refers to Malaysia's halal certification policy and procedure as the country provides set on its own to become difficulties player in providing halal products and services. This complements very well with Malaysia's role as the Leader of the 57-nation Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) as well as its vision to be the global halal hub

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Shahidan Shafie is a PhD candidate at the Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Maryland Nor Othman is a Teacher of Marketing as well as the Dean of Faculty of Business & Accountancy, Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur

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In the Muslim majority, Malaysia, the concept of halal is a total key to usage. Muslim buyers nowadays are faced with an extensive selection of product or service. On top of that, each product category offers numerous brands – either locally named or internationally identified ones. Some of the local brands appear to get their own markets by predicting themselves because " Islamic” brands by means of their innovative packaging and labeling performs. This likewise indirectly alerts to their major target – the Muslim consumers -- the halal status with their products. Around the service area, similar hard work is being done in the banking and the insurance sectors.

The above circumstance describes the specific situation faced by Malaysian consumers as they move through their daily chores in consumer items purchasing. There are many choices of brands and each manufacturer is struggling each other intended for shelf space in order to get the attention of their focus on consumers.

Apart from the products and the brands accessible in the retail outlets, the Malaysian consumers are likewise offered different direct providing brand alternatives such as all those in the personal care and cosmetic types. Among the direct selling businesses offering this sort of products include international titles such as Amway, Avon, Cosway and Nutrimetics. The flux of international brands into the country is thought to be the effect of a widespread use of the world wide web and the web commerce facility by Malaysian consumers.

Manufacturers and marketers employ halal documentation and logo as a way to notify and to reassure their goal consumers that many are halal and shariah-compliant. In general, the Muslim consumers in Malaysia look for the authentic halal certification issued by the Malaysia's Department of Islamic Advancement (JAKIM) which can be under the purview of the Ministry in the Perfect Minister's Office. This certification


approved the companies the use of halal emblem for stamping on their...

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