Ethics in Corporate America Essay

Integrity in Corporate America: Moral vs . Unethical Leadership LaTonia Thompson

Doctor Charles Hardwoods

MGT 520


Compare the organizational performance of companies with unethical business leaders and companies with ethical leaders. Every business needs ethical leadership in order to prosper. However , only some leaders comply with ethical procedures within their office. Both ethical and underhanded leaders take care of successful businesses; however , you will discover key features that differentiate ethical market leaders from businesses with dishonest leaders. To start with, ethical market leaders think with regards to the health of the firm rather than only themselves. They have a tendency to have substantial customer satisfaction and customer preservation rates. These kinds of leaders create reputable businesses with public praise, although, unethical leaders only drive customers apart and entice negative press. Unethical market leaders lack thoughtfulness which creates hostile work environments. A hostile environment trickles to customers, who then pass on the word in the business's unsatisfactory customer service. Not every ethical leaders receive the reward that they deserve, but underhanded leaders almost always receive public scrutiny because of their wrong stroke, ultimately decreasing the entire organization. � Evaluate the consequences to business market leaders who engage in unethical business practices depending on your research. You will find two types of unethical market leaders in the world, both equally causing demolition to reliable companies— (1) the money grubbing boss and (2) the unintentional awful boss. The greedy boss's motivation stems from self-profit. This kind of leader is going to do whatever is important for them to gain profit. By forcing employees to perform unethically to imposing harm about others, the greedy employer is selfish and likes you the well being of no-one else. Bernie Ebbers of MCI/WorldCom exhibits the characteristics of the greedy manager. Ebbers misclassified about one million...

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