Essay regarding hair and beauty

Style & fit postiche

Assignment 335 Produce a statement Leanlie Moralde Positioning from the stylist as well as the client properly throughout the treatment This is important since you must ensure that the client is usually comfortable and correctly reinforced to reduce fatigue and injury. Client must use a gown to protect their very own clothing. Applying tools, gear and processes to meet assistance objectives it is important to use tools, equipment and techniques to fulfill service goals to produce the ideal results. Design, dressing and finishing numerous be use to help safeguarded the hair set up or make any artwork. Using style and finishing products when design postiche

Aid shaping and controlling the locks

Fixing and prolonging the finished seem

Controlling and securing lengthy hair effectively

To ensure design longevity, customer comfort, end breakage or perhaps dragging of hair, to avoid trichorrhexis nodosa. How to develop a firm base for correcting long hair into place • Prolonging the shape employing styling and fixing products Considering tension in hair-up styles

Regular tension ensures optimum results, smooth end, even form, client convenience, avoid traction force alopecia. durability firm strength To include:

• Damaging the condition of the hair and scalp • Discomfort in the client Concluding service records completely

Future guide, data security, (lockable case, password protected database), available to clients on request, up-to-date, appropriate, relevant, details must not be – mishandled, mismanaged or employed inappropriately (can result in legal action), placed for suitable timescale, confidential, complete soon after the services, record information on fitting and styling, washing, repairs, colour and slicing, must be correct. State the purpose of backcombing and back combing when dress up postiche clean through part of hair, contains tips tight in one side, brush...