Cross-Culture Awareness and Admiration Essay


Cross-Culture Awareness and Admiration


Kaplan University


Aug 31, 2010

There are many factors as to why it is vital for cops to have diversity training. From this paper, we intend to discuss three of the reasons that I truly feel are some of the most crucial. It is very important for police officers to have understanding of different cultures, which is defined as " beliefs, beliefs, patterns of thinking, tendencies and every day customs which have been passed on from generation to generation”, to ensure that way they could be of more assistance once responding to telephone calls of different civilizations. There are still many cases in the United States of America today that are deemed illegal below, but in various other cultures, they are really completely appropriate. If an officer(s) are responding to a case of child abuse, for instance , the best example that I may use to describe just how badly not any knowledge of diverse cultures could affect the call's, is the one that the written text books remarks: There is a young Vietnamese son who had been lacking from school for a few days with serious accidental injuries. His dad had rubbed heated coins on particular sections of his neck and back in hopes that it would cure him. When the kid's condition appeared to have superior, the father acquired sent him back to institution only for the reporting with the bruises in the neck, from the coins, to get Child Protective Solutions involved. Although the father was extremely cooperative and had admitted to leaving the craters from the gold coins, in not too well British, he was still arrested and incarcerated. Although he was in jail, his son's condition had got worse and he had passed away from his original disease. Once his father experienced heard of this kind of, he then required his own life in jail. This example proves that in the event there have been an police officer that possibly knew the Vietnamese traditions, at least to know several of how they practice medicine, or perhaps if there were someone that acquired did...

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