Celebrity Endorsement Essay

Carsten Erfgen

Effects of Celeb Endorsement about Brand Graphic: A Connection Process Perspective on 3 decades of Scientific Research

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Carsten Erfgen*

Effect of Movie star Endorsement about Brand Graphic: A Connection Process Perspective on 3 decades of Empirical Research

July 2011 ISSN 1618-8985


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Abstract Superstar endorsement advertising aims to acquire a favourable impact on brand image. By adopting a conversation process perspective, this assessment is the initially to identify twenty-four brand image drivers associated with (1) movie star, (2) concept, (3) marketing channel, and (4) recipient characteristics through a systematic research of thirty-six empirical research. Specifically, trustworthiness and large image-based convenance are the most significant celebrity characteristics. The use of twosided appeals, excessive arousal and low involvement also appear beneficial. This review comes specific success factors to aid practitioners, and it provides a basis for guiding further analysis beyond the mere movie star selection decision.



Advertising that uses movie star endorsers looks forward to high acceptance among company managers (e. g., Amos et ing., 2008). Every year, companies dedicate vast amounts of money to influence celebrities to endorse many and brands (e. g., Jaiprakash, 2008; Klaus and Bailey, 08; Lee and Thorson, 2008); for instance, Nike spent regarding $339 million on endorsements and their dissemination in sales strategies in 2005 (Thomaselli, 2004). In the United States, about 25% of most televised advertisements feature celebs (Erdogan ou al., 2001); in Germany, approximately 12% of all advertising campaigns employ these types of endorsers (Ipsos Response, 2008). This communication strategy advantages from the popular belief that celebrities absolutely influence the image of the marketed brands, such that a key result is a good effect on brand image (e. g., Erdogan et al., 2001; TNS Sport, 2005). Strong, one of a kind, and favourable brand groups help corporations differentiate goods from the ones from competitors and therefore support a competitive advantage (Aaker, 1991; Krishnan, 1996). As a brand worth driver, brand image as well establishes an essential foundation for the brand‟s monetary value (Keller, 1993). Two preceding narrative opinions (Erdogan, 1999; Kaikati, 1987) and one particular meta-analysis (Amos et approach., 2008) possess attempted to sum up celebrity endorsement literature, yet no methodical investigation discloses success factors for manufacturer image effects. That is, in these reviews the contribution of celebrity endorsers to company image will not be examined clearly or independently from other procedures of advertising and marketing effectiveness, such as attention, call to mind, or obtain intention. Furthermore, existing opinions are limited to literature related to the selection of superstar endorsers, which include source results such as believability, attractiveness, match or bad information. Erdogan‟s (1999, p. 291) review, for example , " seeks to explore variables, which might be considered in just about any celebrity selection by sketching together strands from several literature. ” Page 1

However , variety is only a single facet of the expansion and execution of a celeb campaign, and existing opinions cover simply part of the human body of extant research regarding celebrity endorsements. This analyze is the initially to combine literature in the broader discipline of celeb endorsement literary works. By...