Causes and Effects of «Haze» Essay


Haze consists of tiny elements which in turn occurs naturally or is a result of daily human activities. Smoke produced by industries and automobiles as well as flames smoke is the central contributing factors of the existence of haze. The one with the main cause that splashes off haze is the companies who wicked mind construct the smoke that had over the common and the smoke seriously influence the air turn into air pollution. The components that make up haze are deadly carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, dust and alloys which may have got negative effect on one's health especially regarding the children plus the elderly. Also not omitted are all who have certain conditions such as breathing difficulties, allergy, and pneumonia and lung disease. Workers doing work in the open air have high risk within their health. Because of this, a vehicle just like cars and trucks precisely what is burning fossil fuels is also the cause of haze. Vehicles have fatigued the black opium throughout the vehicle traveling on the road which usually had write the haze happened. Aside from the ships such as boats and steamers acquired worn out the harmful smoke had made haze took place to. Consequently , haze had affected individual's activities poorly. Haze prevents one by carrying out his normal activities. Residents can also be advised to abstain from outdoor activities who will be farmers fishermen have to find alternative ways to earn all their income for now. In addition , forest fires that used to crystal clear land would be the reason of haze too. The authorities concerned like used how forest fires to clear land because they presume so it was the fastest way to clear property. But , forest fires help to make their operate complete more quickly at the same time forest fires likewise made-up the haze. If the haze condition becomes tougher, it is able to carry about a enormous change. It could strain the nation's income if country's overall economy sector is definitely affected.