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This kind of workbook can assist you but you continue to need to look at the merit badge pamphlet. The job space presented to each requirement should be used by the Look to make records for discussing the item along with his counselor, designed for providing the total and complete answers. Each Scout must do every requirement. No one may add or subtract from the official requirements found in Boy Search Requirements (Pub. 33216 – SKU 616334). The requirements were last released or modified in 2013 • This kind of workbook was updated in December 2013.

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1 ) Discuss with your merit badge counselor a brief history of the game of chess. Chess was developed in Cina in the 2nd century B. C. but it is not until the 7th century that there is a mention of the the game in literature. According to some resources (Forbes, Good Chess, 1860) the game was invented among four or five thousand years ago, by the wife of King Ravana of Ceylon, when the capital was besieged by Rama. The fantastic progress of Mentally stimulating games in the 20th century is most beneficial shown simply by figures. Just before 1923 there are rarely more than four international tournaments in a year. Between 1923 and 1939, the average was six. After WW 2 this quadrupled.

Explain so why it is regarded a game of planning and strategy. Chess is not only a physical competition, and there is no element of good fortune as in card games. In oriental warfare, a battle could possibly be decided by the death or perhaps capture of the King, which in Chess is referred to as Shah-mat (checkmate). So two armies line up against the other person. One can make an effort head-on assault or affected person outflanking maneuvers. One can try bluff, or perhaps offer poisoned Pawns, or make surrender in order to ambush the foe and capture the commander-in-chief, the Ruler.

2 . Discuss with your value badge counselor the following:

a. The benefits of playing chess, which include developing essential thinking expertise, concentration abilities, and decision-making skills, and how these skills can assist you in other aspects of your life Playing chess inhances your decision-making, which is chosing the best choice or perhaps choices possible, which can benefitly effect your life. You also practice patience and concentration the sport which can help you with actual problems such as slow co-workers, job conferences, interviews, and so on.

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b. Sportsmanship and mentally stimulating games etiquette

3. Demonstrate to the counselor you are aware each of the following. a. The name of every chess piece





Pony (knight)


Then, using Scouting''s Teaching EDGE*, teach somebody (preferably one other Scout) who not know how to play mentally stimulating games:

* You might learn about Scouting's Teaching BORDER from your product leader, an additional Scout, or by participating training. пЃЈ b. The right way to set up a chessboard

c. How every single chess piece moves, which includes castling and en passant records. Queen

six spaces in just about any direction


One cellular in any direction

Cannot move into check


7 places in any diagnol direction


7 spots up, down, right, or left

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