Barb Analysis Paper

1 . )Which statement properly describes situations that most most likely encouraged the biodiversity that exists today in the tropical forest? a tropical virgin forest represents a closed program using bug or creature pollination in which species develop independently of other environments 2 . ) An examination of biodiversity in tropical virgin forest indicates that the habitat uses up ____ of the earth's surface and contains ______ of all plants and pets on earth. 7% 50% 3. ) Exotic rain forests soils are stated be poor essentials minerals, but expansion in these forest lands can be lush so one can only conclude that: minerals are situated mainly in the plants and are also recycled 5. ) Depending on figures and statistics through the countries having tropical rain forest within their borders, from 1940 to the yr 2000 what percent of tropical virgin forest land throughout the world was forecasted to be misplaced and is not lost through clearing, farming, ranching, losing, colonization, visiting, and other causes over 50% 5. ) Which feature in the physical structure of Tropical Rain Forest is likely to had been the most significant take into account the advancement of virgin forest diversity? the canopy six. ) From your mid-1970's until the year 2001, what percent of warm rain forest property in Rodonia was predicted to be lost and has now been shed through cleaning, farming, ranching, burning, colonization, logging, and other causes regarding 15% six. ) The destruction of tropical rain forest particular to Rondonia in Brazil along BR 364 a, nine hundred mile road began w/ either globe bank loans 8. ) Which if the following represents a reasonable and conservative estimation of the level of decrease of Tropical Rain Forest one acerbo per second 9. ) It has been predicted by the National Academy of Science that by the yr 2034 roughly _____ in the remaining warm rain forest will be gone50% 12. ) In addition to the impact of man, neurological diversity in the Tropical Rain Forest has______ since ancient times increased 11. ) The understory level in the exotic rain forest is found just over a forest 12. )The world authority upon biodiversity in tropical rain forest is E. O. Pat 13. ) The world speaker for preservation of exotic rain forest can be Richard Schultes 14. ) Initiated research on exotic rainforest inside the Amazon container The canopy layer in the tropical virgin forest is foundbetween the aufstrebend layer as well as the understory Exotic Rainforest prolong in a green band around the globe _____ north and _____ south with the equator 20 degrees, 20 degrees 12-15. ) Which statement greatest describes the health of the forest floor of your Tropical Virgin forest? little air flow movement, low light, high humidity, crowded forest floor vegetation 6. ) The Aztecs used the rose, Datura, like a treatment intended for asthma symptoms 17. ) The method utilized by Sahagun to construct his manuscript was to directly consult the codices in the library in the medical university at Tlaltelolco True 18. ) One strategy of organizing medicinal plants by the Aztecs included preparng the plant in Indian wineTrue Skin is the largest appendage in the body Accurate 19. ) The Aztec plant regarded as______ utilized as a diuretic and for urinary tract infections is best recognized as Plumbago 20. ) The Aztec plant known as Yetl (tobacco) when ever powdered and rubbed within the outer surface of the skin acts as a hallucinogen 21. ) THe Badianus Codex was dated1552

22. ) The first Aztec Natural was based upon the medical experience of Martin de la Cruceta The Aztec Botanical Gardens were known to contain about 2000 crops OR about 3500 crops 23. ) Written interaction of the Aztecs used as being a form just like that of historic Egypt twenty four. ) The Aztec applied ______ since an exfoliant for eliminating skin outgrowths Spurge (Euphorbia) 25. ) Which in the following have been effective in preventing exotic rain forest break down in Rondonia? Brazilian representatives: we will not encourage the Amazon to disappear dua puluh enam. ) A tropical rain forest typically receives ____ inches wide of rainfall per year 60-16027. )...