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Project 3: Management of Richard Branson

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Dr . Jean Gordon

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" An innovator is one that knows the way, goes the way in which and shows the way” – John C. Maxwell

Richard Branson's leadership design

In the given newspaper, we have reviewed the characteristics of the command styles which is often applied to the organizations to get the maximum outcome from its staff. The company structuring plus the leadership style that have been applied by Sir Richard Branson in the Virgin Group models an example of developing a global conglomerate by using couple of tools and techniques. How does the hierarchical form of the Virgin Group and the exceptional approach used by their higher management helps in inspiring the employees, etc . have been reviewed on our paper. The aim of our study is to seek out the leadership practices by Sir Richard Branson, CEO of the Virgin's Group, which he has applied inside the organization and also have made it a fantastic success through his work. (Buchanan & Huczynski, 2007). There are two kinds of leadership styles which can be used to business lead the employees in the company. In accordance with the transactional type of the management styles, employees work in the organization as it already is present and they are perfectly aware about your energy and reward. (Bass, 2009). Goals have been set for the employees and they are being determined to achieve these types of goals within a given timeframe. In case of transformational leaders, earning changes in the doing work style of employees, the lifestyle of the corporation and stimulating the emotions within the personnel. Hence, commanders have two options with an impact on his employees. Self-interest of staff plays a central part in the activities of the staff. (Michael, 2010) Another point which will we have talked about in the daily news is the key portions of the management style that have been used by Branson and the influence those include on the achievement of the organization. What is the role of Sir Richard in transforming the thinking of the employees and exactly how do they will show their impact on their particular working in the business. According to Forster (2005), it is possible to change the desires and dedication of the workers in order to obtain the objectives assigned to them. There are numerous related ideas which impacts different kinds of factors in the firm and helps in motivating its employees. This entire procedure from instilling a passion to achieve their very own interest with no centric aim has been referred to as the process of determination. Several experts have submit their different theories such as relating to Fredrick Taylor, satisfaction is the most important power in the working motivation with their employees. Yet , Elton Mayo attributed shell out as the vital power in using a satisfied labor force and also the finest motivator may be the meeting of social needs by doing work in the organization. Various other authors including Abraham Maslow and Fredrick Herzberg related the psychological needs of employees get back of the working habits in the employees. (Forster, 2005). Therefore, the benefits and acknowledgement created a direct effect on the workers which even more affects the success of the organization. (Branson, 2010) The Virgin Group

The Virgin Group includes many diversified goods such as carbonated drinks, airlines, and financial services. Completely set up in late 1960s as a submitting venture. And gradually it started expanding as a effective company by making its base strong enough to create a separate personality. (Grant, 2008). The structure of the Virgin mobile Group continues to be basically seen as a the partnership between the Japanese keiretsu system and one of the brand operation of any franchise. These kinds of kind of manufacturer franchising had already been around in the market by simply other fast paced consumer goods sector. Franchising means creating another product in the name of the same brand or by using the identity of the currently established organization....

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